Monday, January 10, 2011

Trip to Cali - Days 3&4

Wednesday was the one rainy day while we were there, so we planned to go see 'Tangled' with Shauna and the kids, but the tickets were all sold out by the time we got there. Bummer! The real bummer was that the next best choice for our group was Yogi Bear. Wow. I actually fell asleep at one point. That night we went out to dinner with just the adults and Brent, the almost adult.  

Thursday was our best shot for a beach day, so after yet another morning of sleeping in (ahhh, pure bliss!) we dropped Will off at his friend Rithik's house, and headed out for our old standby: Santa Monica Beach. (Because it's the closest, and it's got the pier with rides, restrooms, and food.) But as we dropped off the freeway onto PCH, we saw a sea of red. Wisconsin had rented out the ENTIRE parking lot for a Rose Bowl rally, so we headed north and took the next parking lot. We rented some bikes for everybody and took off for the same little rocky pier thingy we used to go to all the time when we lived there and would take our own bikes to the beach in the winter. 

Still figuring out how to use my camera, but here are the best pics of the day:

(I'm calling this one "Bookends")

"Come on!!"

Don't know why I like these downtown shots from the car so much, but I do:

Just for kicks:

A mother's guilt-reducing smoothie recipe (for the children in your home that resist fruits and vegetables--not that any of mine do!)

1 cup of frozen berries
1 banana (not too big or ripe)
1 6 oz. container of berry-ish flavored yogurt
1 handful of fresh spinach (I swear, your child will not see or taste it!)
Light vanilla soymilk or almond milk (or plain old milk) to make it the consistency you like!  Super yum.

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