Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Commercial Interruption: Trader Joe's is coming to Utah!

You know I had to do a Trader Joe's run while in California. And of course, like a complete NERD, take pictures in the process. In doing so, I got stopped by the manager who told me I couldn't photograph the inside of the store. I burst out laughing (from embarrassment) and then proceeded to make even more of a fool of myself as I told him of my undying love and devotion for Trader Joe's, how we'd moved to a state without one, and that I was simply there to pay homage and buy some cookies. As I started moaning about how Trader Joe's would never come to Utah because of "the alcohol thing" (what I've been told by many people) he corrected me and shined this little bit of enlightenment on me, which I am now passing on to you (you who live in Utah and share my same longing):

The only reason Trader Joe's has not yet come to Utah (or Colorado, or Texas) is NOT because of "the alcohol thing"--he told me they actually have several "non-alcoholic" stores--but simply because they don't yet have a nearby distribution center. Traveling over the mountain ranges with all the fluctuating altitudes screws up their packaging and some of their products, and that is the ONLY reason we are TJ free here in Utah.

The bad news? It's still going to be another 3-5 years before they build a distribution center.

That's okay, I brought back AT LEAST two years worth of dark chocolate covered blueberries in my trunk . . .

And here are the illegal pictures I took:



  1. I was just told the other day that TJ ppl were out at the old Whole Foods building on 4th South, checking it out to open a store... So you never know! And many other stores ship stuff over the mountains so Im not so sure I believe that excuse.

  2. I wrote to Tjs and told them about the 4th south location the week Sunflower Market openend and Whole Foods moved... Of coure, it probablt wasn't me but one can always hope that is was true and not just an evil rumor!


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