Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fascinating Reads

One: What every four-year-old should know.
Two: Why Chinese mothers are superior.
Three: Why young, atheist feminists can't stop reading Mormon mommy blogs.

I really hope you'll read at least one of these.

We had a great weekend, but I'm waking up to a mess tomorrow.

Friday night game night, and then Brandon and I went out for a late dinner and ice cream while the kids watched a movie. We talked three dream levels deep about all kinds of stuff (we just saw Inception last weekend for the first time), trying to get vision/back on track as we move more into the New Year.

Saturday morning I went to the temple, the kids went to piano, we cleaned the house, I went shopping for piano music while Brandon took the kids to the Life Science museum at BYU, and then we stayed out way too late at dinner with some friends in Salt Lake.

This morning I was up early practicing that piano music so I could perform a solo at church (nothing like procrastinating 'til the last minute, but it went well--a gorgeous arrangement of "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing"), and this evening we had an old mutual friend over (Brandon's last missionary companion) for Japanese curry and stimulating conversation--he teaches a class on diversity at BYU. I'm sorely tempted to go to his class this Thursday when he has a homosexual LDS man come share his story with the students.

I'm glad there's no school tomorrow!

Last but not least, don't you love this picture I took?  I have a ton of winter pics to post. So far I'm enjoying it. (Winter--it's all about the knee length granny coat.)

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