Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trip to Cali - Day 1

We drove to California the day after Christmas after attending church.  It's about a nine hour drive without traffic, or kids that need to pee, or stops of any kind, so you can imagine that we got in pretty late. 

When we woke up at Grandma's house to all the familiar sites, sounds, and smells, all of us kept talking about how it felt like we never left. It was good to be back.  

When people in Utah heard we were going to California during the break, they would invariably ask if we were going to Disneyland, to which we quickly replied, "No way!" We have a strict policy in our family (among the parents) of not going anywhere near theme parks during winter or spring breaks. When we lived there we wouldn't even go in the summer. We haven't figured out when we'll go next--because you know our kids are dying to go again--but this trip was all about enjoying the beautiful nature of California. That is, after all, what we really miss the most. (Aside from the people, but that goes without saying, right?)

After the kids played up at Todd and Shauna's with their cousins and we snuck in a lunch at Sakura with my in law's and bro-in-law Brent, we all went to Descanso Gardens. Descanso means 'rest' or 'relaxation'. With the kids in tow, not so much, but it was still nice. Bonus: our annual family pass hadn't expired yet.

Dad and Rachael:
The children's garden:

The California Oak. We really miss these guys:
More super dad:
Kate and Nicole:

This is as "dreary" as it gets in California, with some of the deciduous trees losing their leaves for maybe three months during the winter:
Brent (my youngest bro-in-law) was giving me camera lessons, so I was practicing on him:
Will and Ty - together at last:
Oh, the trees!

Nice to be with the cousins again:
Brent playing with my camera:

The Boddy House.  Can you believe someone used to live here, among 13 acres of gorgeousness?

Japanese garden:
After the gardens, we went back to my in-laws for dinner and games with Todd and Shauna joining us. Bless my mother-in-law for saving one of her English tea rings for our visit!! Todd loves it too if you can't tell:

 A great day!

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