Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trip to Cali-Day 5, Part 2

More of the Japanese gardens:
 Again, imagine this in bloom:

We left Asia and walked into a Jane Austen novel:
I really wanted to be her, just for an hour or two:

The Rose Garden Tea Room, where they serve traditional English tea. (Just stuck my head in for a peek.  We didn't even consider putting this on the itinerary with our crew!)
And now, a series of 5 pictures--places I'd like to sit, read, and contemplate life in a Jane Austen-ish gown:

Okay,  bamboo and palm trees aren't so Jane Austen, but this still looks inviting:

When I was a little girl, we had a willow tree in our backyard that I would climb into with my Mandy doll and read Little House on the Prairie books. I've been a fan ever since:

There's that cute single guy with all the kids again:
We dared to go into one of the buildings that housed some of the art collections for a total of about 15 minutes:

 Yet another cool tree:
 I don't know about you, but this is what my shower time looks like:
Would have liked to have gone in there (still kicking ourselves for not going as a twosome while we lived there . . .), but we just browsed the tables outside for about 5 minutes:
On the drive home we saw the crazies already setting up to spend the night on the side of the road for the Rose Parade the following morning. We've done the parade a few times, getting up around 5 or 6am to get there in time, and as amazing as it is, I would NEVER sleep out for it! It was unseasonably cold that week, getting down into the 30's at night.  NO SANK YOU! (That's Japanese for "no thank you", just in case.)
 Tomorrow is the wrap up!!

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  1. Sooo I just made it through BOTH Huntington posts (maybe it helps that I know exactly where they were all taken?)... guess I have no life? nopeeee just a major procrastinator who doesn't want to study for finals!


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