Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Lizzie

These are the last of the "leftovers" from December, but I wanted them in their own special post.  

It was a Saturday afternoon, and Brandon and I were using our usual "divide and conquer" method for running errands. I happened to have all the girls, and Brandon, the boy. In between the grocery store and post office we decided to stop by "Dear Lizzie"--definitely the most adorable, girly boutique and bistro within miles of our downtown-less city. 

The little girls didn't fare too well since it really is more of a "grown up girls" kind of place. (More accurately put, Mom was having a hard time managing the little reaching hands and big, begging voices!) Kate, a self-declared "non-girly girl" was in heaven in this place. (She does have a feminine side, and it comes out in places like this, rather than with a group of girls swooning over Justin Beiber.)  

After looking around as much as we could without the little girls breaking anything, we settled in for some of the sweetest treats in town.  

I got kind of excited that day, thinking of all the "girly" things the four of us might do together over the years! 

Here are a few iphone pics:

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