Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trip to Cali-Day 5, Part 3

We somehow made it to the last day of our trip without going to our two favoritest (yes, I know) eating establishments, Ichiban and Froyolife. That took up the rest of our afternoon.  
There's that cute single guy again:
The best $6 you'll ever spend on a kids meal:

The wild parrots that fly around town, outside of Ichiban:
 Froyolife, which Elizabeth also calls Frodo's Life:

 Mochi balls! Mmmmm, my favorite!
While everyone else went back home to start on some games, Kate and I went up to the Potter's for a little while to see the girls from church before they headed off to a New Year's Eve dance:
The lovely Debbie Scott and Marla Potter, who I had the pleasure of working with for a long time:
Heading back home through downtown Montrose:
After playing a few rounds of Bananagrams, Brandon's parents headed to bed. The younger kids were already asleep, but of course Kate wanted to stay up until midnight. Just because. (Ringing in the New Year and all that.) Sadly, we have already morphed into old people who like to sleep more than party, and after years of taking sleep whenever we can get it, we just haven't developed any fun New Year's Eve traditions. When Kate caught whiff of my plan to go to sleep too, she guilted me AGAIN into staying up. (This has happened the last few years.) So the three of us sat bleary-eyed and watched a re-run of the ball dropping in New York (as unimpressive as it is every year) when suddenly my mother-in-law popped out of bed to wait for Brent to come home, so we all toasted some diet root beer together.  Pretty exciting, eh? I made the mistake of telling Kate that growing up we had a party every year with friends over to eat and play games, and at midnight we went out into the street banging pots and pans, screaming our heads off. Now she wants to do that. I'm tired already just thinking about it. I've got 11 more months to prepare.

Some left over pics I forgot to post the other day of Will and his buddies at Rithik's house, me and Neena (Rithik's mom), and the out of control view of the Los Angeles valley from their hilltop home:

 The Pacific off to the right--just a sliver on the horizon:
It's always nice to go back to a place once called home:

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