Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. Funny Guy

There are a lot of reasons why I love my kids, and each one is different "in their own special way," but one of the things I love about William is that he is FUNNY! Not only is he funny, but he also laughs really easily--the kind of laugh that is contagious. I can't even count how many times I've ended up laughing just because he was, without even knowing what was so funny. 

The worst is when he does something "funny" that I know I shouldn't laugh at--in fact, should probably reprimand--but I end up laughing just the same. (Have you seen this video? It's a little painful to watch, but SO funny! Worst case scenario of laughing even harder when you're trying NOT to!) He's got a pretty wry sense of humor that I "get" just a little too well, so sometimes I end up not being able to control myself. Here's a sampling of some of the funny stuff that has come home this past week.

Looks like they're doing some training at school right now about bullying, and the kids were given an assignment to design a t-shirt advocating a "bully-free" lifestyle. Here is Will's. LOVE the bully:

Someone obviously labored to teach my son a lovely lesson on his divine nature last Sunday at church, because this is what he came home with:
But that's not what he originally showed me. This is:
Okay, this one might scare you, but if you knew how totally non-violent Will is you wouldn't be so worried. It was a good thing I got this out of his backpack and looked at it when he wasn't around, because I couldn't help but chuckle. (I know it's bad, I do, but it's also funny in a nine-year-old boy kind of way.) 

His teacher instituted a new "checkbook" program in which the kids deposit and withdraw "money" from their "account" based on behavior/classwork. Depending on how many points they have at the end of the school year, they can earn various prizes. Before starting the program, the kids had to practice how to keep track of their money in their checkbooks. This is Will's practice sheet. Everything was just fine until he lost "infinity" points for catching the school on fire. It only went downhill from there: 
The real kicker?  The red check mark of approval from the teacher!

Finally, this coming month at school is something called "Jazz Reading." Students from various schools in the area (maybe the whole state?) compete with school-wide accumulated reading hours to earn the honor of having a Utah Jazz player come to the school. Will's teacher is a HUGE Jazz fan, in charge of the program, and made sure our school won the contest the last three years in a row. Today when Will got his braces tightened, he chose the colors purple and yellow for his bands. For the Lakers:

I have no thought provoking insights. All my brain power is going into writing articles for Deseret News. (Today's will get you thinking. It's based on one of the articles I linked to a couple days ago about the Chinese way of parenting.) Again, feel free to go over there and make a comment. (And I was just kidding about having 2000 avid readers. No one is reading my blog but you, as evidenced by all your comments. But if you'd like to comment at Deseret News that would be fun, since it is actually thought provoking.) 

Last but not least: I have a new favorite chocolate chip banana muffin recipe. Seems like I always have rotten bananas at my house! 


  1. Will is hysterical. I miss that kid. And, we never have rotten bananas at our house. So, I haven't made banana bread in months, at least.

  2. I think Will's teacher thought, "Well, I don't approve of his teacher killing, but he does love chocolate, apprently. I guess that makes up for it."


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