Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Way back in December, my very own bookends--the first and the last--went to school together one day.  Kate was taking one of those mandatory life skills classes, and for one of their assignments they had to organize and run a mini pre-school experience of sorts. Each student was required to bring a 3 to 5-year-old to class one morning.  Easy! (Except for the part where I had to drag Rachael out of bed in order to send her off to school with Kate by 8am . . .)

It was pretty cute watching them go into the school together:
The classic Froot Loop necklace:

 Kate's school is fairly new, and I love how they have positive quotes and "sayings" all over the place:

Kate said they also play music over the intercom while they're in between classes. Is that normal?  It's all so different from my days at Washington Junior High where I was just trying to get to my next class without getting hit up for money or offered a joint. (Okay, maybe not that bad, but, well, you had to be there.)  And our cafeteria certainly looked nothing like this:

By the way, I kind of like my articles on Deseret News this week. Will you go over there and make a comment or something, because we want it to look like someone is actually reading this stuff!  Thanks . . .

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