Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Warm Up

My kids have declared Halloween to be their second favorite holiday next to Christmas, so we like to do what we can to have a lot of fun leading up to the big day. With Halloween landing right in the middle of a busy school week, we (at least, I, the mother) are feeling a bit rushed in this whole process The kids will be home from school soon and we still have to finish up their Jack-o-lanters as well as hit a half hour of harp and orchestra before heading out to Trick or Treat. (Why can't Halloween just be a "day off" holiday already??? At least the day after, right? Oh, to be in our old school district in California where they did, in fact, take the day after off . . .)

Following are some pictures of what we do around here to get ready for a night of Tricks & Treats . . .

Kate looking like she wants to smack the sewing machine: 
We started these a couple of days ago:

At the school. LOVE grade school holiday art projects:
Around the house:

I made this as a new mom about 72 years ago when I thought good moms needed to be crafty. (It might be the last craft I ever made.) My kids insist on it being filled with candy corn (or Reese's Pieces) during the month of October. Who likes the caramel flavored candy corn?

Cornbelly's . . .

Me whooping Brandon at Tetherball. (Not really. He grew up playing it in his backyard as the oldest of 6 boys. This was probably the second time I've played it in my entire life. It was a short game.)

I LOVE this picture!

Even though it's totally overpriced, we love to get the corn chowder and apple beer if we're there in the evening:

Brandon did something very, very bad on this day. He bought a DEEP FRIED TWINKIE! We have yet to partake of any such thing in our family, so you can imagine the anticipation. I was kind of grossed out when he showed up with it, but I felt better knowing we were sharing it between five of us. But I'll admit it, it was DELICIOUS:

Sheer bliss:
"Dad just bought a deep fried Twinkie! BEST. DAY. EVER!!!"

The funniest thing about this picture is poor Brandon who had to go alone and hurt his tailbone in the process. Rachael told him she wanted him to go with her, and then dogged him at the top! Poor guy:

Brandon and Kate look like they're in some kind of stand off or something . . .

Burying Elizabeth:
Picking out pumpkins: 

Elizabeth kept yelling at this guy, saying he was a fake until he finally chased her for about 100 yards on his big stilts. That kept her quiet! She was running so hard and laughing her head off at the same time. The best kind of being scared . . .

Hope everyone has a blast tonight! Happy Halloween!

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