Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breaking My Fast/Super Huge News

So . . . I've kind of been on a technology/internet fast the last little while. August's focus at The Power of Moms is The Power of Priorities, and between some of the stuff that I read as well as some of the stuff that I wrote, I was prompted to get serious about re-tooling my schedule so it would more accurately reflect my most important priorities. And guess what? There's just not a whole lot of time left over for emailing, tweeting, pinning, status updating, and yes, blogging. (Not that I've ever really gotten into Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Those buttons on the right are a total joke.) 

As a result, my days look like this: Early morning is devoted to spiritual study/meditation and exercise, morning is devoted to getting everyone fed and prepared for the day, late morning is devoted to housecleaning, laundry, paperwork and Rachael, 4 afternoons a week I have 3 hours in the afternoon while Rachael is at pre-school to do all my errand running, grocery shopping, home and personal projects, writing for Deseret News, etc., and after 3:00 every day I'm swimming in homework, dinner and extracurriculars. Evenings I've committed to give more time to Brandon (this would be news to him--somehow we're both still busy wrapping up loose ends and getting kids down) as well as getting myself in bed at a decent hour. (I have really learned the hard way more that I have to get 8 hours a night, and on a regular schedule. I'm finally listening.) You tell me where to find time for the internet!

Maybe it's too many extracurriculars on our family's plate right now, maybe it's all the backed up home and personal projects I'm finally excited to tackle now that we are in a permanent place, or maybe it's just my own desire to slow down, enjoy the ride, and not wear my busyness as a badge of honor (LDS readers will recognize this phrase from Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk on Saturday . . . I don't care what your faith is, you will love this!), but for whatever reason I've had a hard time getting into the virtual world lately. I actually resent it sometimes. The pressure to connect with hundreds of people without really connecting at all. I've just had this urge lately to return to the days of pre-internet when we only interacted with real live people--or at least a voice on the other end of the phone or a hand written letter from a living, breathing mail carrier! I suppose I'm terribly old fashioned in some ways. I like the idea of sitting around and talking to real live human beings, and ending my day looking at the stars rather than a computer screen. (That's the other thing--the weather has been so gorgeous! Who wants to sit around on a computer when they could be out in the beautiful world walking, running, biking, hiking? Or watching Obama get slammed in the presidential debates? Did I just say that? Totally off topic . . .)

But at the same time, I can't deny that I have missed blogging. I miss recording my family's history. I miss going back over the pictures I take and re-living the best of the best moments. And I miss putting all my thoughts and feelings into words and knowing someone else out there feels the same way or at least appreciates my point of view. So I'm going to try to get back in the saddle. (No specific promises.)

Now. For the big, big, big announcement! After two years and more hours than I care to remember, we finally finished THE BOOK! (Chapter One is by yours truly, and a good chunk of the chapter organization and editing the first time around, but the bulk of the work as well as the vision around it can be credited to April.) It's available for purchase and sure to be a great comfort, support, and motivation to many moms out there. Get one for yourself. Get one for another mom. Just get one!

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