Monday, January 10, 2011

Trip to Cali-Day 5, Part 1

Last shot to enjoy the great, green outdoors with warmer temperatures for awhile (unless Brandon decides to surprise me with a trip to the Caribbean in March . . . I wish that weren't a joke) so off we went to the Huntington in Pasadena.

Brandon and I talked and talked about going to this place when we lived near, and it is just SAD that we never made it because that place had our names written all over it!! Like Descanso Gardens, but way bigger and more developed--in a good way. Along with the gardens, there's a library (that's like calling a crepe a pancake) and art collections.

We took our own four kids and two of their friends, so the experience really wasn't anything like these pictures will make it seem. (Again, SO SAD we never went there alone on a date.) I mean, the kids liked it as much as any kids would like a place like this--and I'm determined to feed them experiences like this often enough that they gain an appetite and appreciation for it--but after about an hour of endless walking and plants they were whining and ready to go. At that point I just hid behind my camera as much as possible and admired Brandon as if he were a cute, single Dad with 6 kids.

Warning: gobs and gobs of pictures ahead. Only the serious procrastinators or those that are truly bored will make it to the end. I'm sorry, but I could hardly control myself--what, with a new camera and the overabundance of natural beauty, art and architecture, and my beloveds to capture on film?  
Believe it or not, there was a suiseki exhibit right near the entrance, so Brandon got sidetracked before we even got started:

See the rabbit?  (It's the year of the rabbit if you didn't know . . .)

Finally off to the gardens.  Don't know why I like this, but I do:

My favorite kid pic of the day by far:
The children's garden:

Wait for it . . .

Ms. Cute Face:

One of my favorite things about California are the "Dr. Seuss" plants:

The Rose Bowl was the next day, so the blimps were already out:
Heading into the Chinese and Japanese Gardens:

Another favorite:

The good people that made my husband:
The lunatics we were trying to keep happy while we enjoyed this beautiful place:
I can't even imagine how pretty it will be when in full bloom:

Maybe someday I'll get one of these adorable pictures with me in it:

I thought I was traveling back in time when we came around the corner and saw this:

Where'e Elizabeth? Someone was always missing. It's a miracle we didn't lose one of those kids that day:

Couldn't resist. This child has more false starts when we're in public:
There she goes!

Will and Rithik. Still best buddies:

Brandon in bonsai heaven:

Congratulations! You have no life! You made it to the end of Part 1! 

Tune in tomorrow for more plants and our super exciting New Year's Eve . . . 

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  1. I need to go there. It is easy for me to sit and read when I know that I should really be working out or doing laundry!! What a fun trip


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