Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Perfect Mom

I had the coolest opportunity today to talk about some of the concepts from the first article I ever wrote for The Power of Moms and one of my absolute favorite topics of all time: perfectionism in motherhood. I don't know why I feel so strongly about this topic, but because I know it's something that resonates with a lot of moms, I was happy to be able to speak to such a large audience about it today. Here's the video:


Then it was off to the preschool for my monthly 1 hour of volunteerism. :D
Then it was home to watch the video and comfort little Yuki who was spayed yesterday (or "spained" as Rachael likes to say . . .)
Then it was off to pick up kids from two different schools and feed people who acted like they hadn't eaten in days.
Then it was off to gymnastics with the little girls.
Then it was off to parent/teacher conferences at the middle school--an absolute waste of time since I only got to talk to one teacher in an hour. (There has GOT to be a better way to do middle school conferences rather than "open house" style . . .)
Then it was home for a really quick dinner with the fam. (Just Panda. Today was not a cooking day.)
Then it was off to Chocolate Night with the neighborhood "Food Network" group that I kind of organized so I would have an excuse to socialize at least once a month with real live people and, well, eat tasty food. Tonight, among many other things, we had two different molten lava cake recipes, a buttermilk chocolate sheet cake, and an Andes Candies cake. It was so good it was BAD!
Then it was home to realize everyone but Elizabeth was still awake. (Our bedtime routine, or lack thereof, is in need of serious help.)
And now, at 11:20, the house is finally quiet and I'm going to bed . . .


  1. LOVE THIS. Thank you for your ideas and your openness. Just in case you haven't heard of her, Brene Brown writes and talks about embracing imperfections in a beautiful way….I highly recommend her. You have so much wisdom and real-life balance in what you write and talk about.

    1. Thank you, Anne Marie! I had forgotten all about Brene Brown and her website which I visited in the distant past. Thanks for reminding me and for the kind words!!


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