Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You know it's been cold when the 30's feel downright balmy. In fact, when Rachael and I took Yuki for a walk today, she only wore a sweatshirt. She insisted she wasn't that cold, and I knew she was serious. (Amazing how the body adjusts.)

And with all that cold weather in the month of January came lots and lots of snow. To be honest, I thought it was incredibly beautiful so I didn't really mind the cold. Serious! I'm still in post-Christmas hibernation mode during January, so I say bring it on. It wasn't until Groundhogs Day and all this talk of spring in 6 weeks (and the balmy 30's weather) that I started itching for warmer days. 

But yeah, the last few weeks were doozies. The snow was so heavy that I actually had to figure out how to use the snow blower. (With Brandon's step by step instructions over the phone.) I have many not-so-fond memories of shoveling snow (my "favorite" was with Will strapped on my back in a baby backpack), so using a high powered snow blower was actually pretty fun. 

You have to admit that a snow covered world is just beautiful:
 Even if it is a pain in the neck:
This lovely little spot in our roof starting leaking into our bedroom early last week. Brandon's been up there risking life and limb several times now trying to get things under control. So far, so good:
So what do we do around here to ward of the winter blues? (Besides taking lots and lots of Vitamin D which is working BEAUTIFULLY for the mother of the house.) 

We play board games:

And go to the Dinosaur Museum:
And the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake with Kate for a special exhibit on Da Vinci:

 And drink hot cocoa:
If you noticed Elizabeth's freckles in that last picture, it was for her book report presentation on Pippi Longstocking, which is another thing we have no choice but to do in the winter, and that's SCHOOL WORK:

And dress up:
And make yummy things in the warm oven:
And of course, play outside:
(I suppose we'll actually get around to skiing one of these days . . .)

I've decided that winter really isn't that bad after all. And like I said, it's beautiful:

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