Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Voice to Text Blogging

Did you know that you can blog using a voice to text feature on the iPhone? April told me about it when we were together at the Los Angeles retreat, and I finally decided to try it!

So here's my day:

7 o'clock slept in after staying up way too late watching the season finale of Downton Abby.
What in the world was that? What is WRONG with Julian Fellowes?
7 o'clock tonight o'clock: make breakfast and untruths. Need the kitchen. Make sure will Has his book report.
Nine to 12 o'clock: housecleaning, exercise, shower and get ready for the day.
12 o'clock make lunch for Rachel and her friend and take them to preschool.
12 3 o'clock: computer work. Mostly revamping the article going to be talking about studio fine I can sister Thursday.
3 o'clock: Kate gets home from school and hang out for little while go pick up Rachel preschool.
330: pick up Rachel from preschool and get home at the same time Elisabeth and Will are being
dropped off. Capacitances pass everyone to use backpacks, throws coats and shoes on the floor, and
start thinking Of snacks.
4 o'clock: Drive well 30 minutes away with all the supplies to the district's science fair to check-in.
445: drive both of us back home, pick up the girls, drive them 20 minutes late to Kannela sentence.
515: get back home with Will and Rachel and chill lax for a while after stopping by Burger King for a quick dinner. I don't know why I ever take my kids to get fast food because they never eat it and it's so expensive! I should've just brought them home and keeping them compulsory.

550: go pick up Kate and Elizabeth from Canada and try to put everyone back to the district science fair will has to be dropped off by himself and dress clothes for an hour and a half with a book while waiting to be touched?
630: Tri-Pak home all talking personal member locate babysitting later that night since they got free tickets to the Chaske.
7 o'clock: drop kids off at the church for youth group activity and had Beckcom.
715: be a friend and her son back at the house to practice with him for his trombone solo performance to be charged at the high school tonight.
750 preening gets home just as I'm leaving with my friend and her son to come to the high school.
818 company's solo alto sax's and then I'll get gas, and finally try to come to stay. O

So maybe voice text blogging doesn't work so good?


  1. I am HIGHLY critical of the subtitles used during the nightly news. I know this because it seems we're always muting the TV for one child or another to interrupt the ONLY television I watch. It makes me CRAZY. (The subtitles and the interrupting children.) I'm wondering if they do the subtitles using the same system you did. Bad news.

    On the bright side, did your girls have a nice time in Canada?

    1. Seriously. What was that? Canada? I said PIANO LESSONS . . .

  2. P.S. I wasn't even going to allrecipes--I was simply choosing to check out your blog!

    1. I feel so special. But I hope you got your dinner made, too. :D

  3. Okay, that's funny. I like that you picked the girls up from Canada and Will had to be dropped off in church clothes to wait to be 'touched'. Whoops. We were at the district science fair too. Fun to see Will get his award. Way to go! That was a ridiculous day. If not for the silly voice to blog thing, I'd be practically convinced that you are a perfect mother ;)

    1. It WAS a ridiculous day, but you should be congratulating BRANDON on his science fair project. He says he's already done 25 years of school (13 after high school--isn't that crazy?) so why is he having to repeat 6th grade? We NEVER helped our children in an unbalanced way until they got into this advanced learners program and the ridiculous amount of projects started piling on . . .


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