Monday, February 4, 2013


I'm kind of driving myself crazy with my semi-subconscious insistence on recording every detail and posting every picture from every major family event. My all or nothing-ness is causing me to miss out on recording lots of small, but equally significant every day kind of stuff. Case in point, I've got all the pictures from the second week of Christmas break ready to go and just waiting for journaling, but it will probably take me DAYS to post it since there are so many pictures.

Soooooo . . . I'm going to try to cure myself of this tendency by committing to a post a day for a week. No matter what. (I think I'm going to like this.)

Today's shareables would include:

1) Going on a beautiful and long walk with the two little girls and Yuki, only to come home with a very dirty dog, who I dumped into the kitchen sink to wash, who then jumped out and ran all over the kitchen counter with her wet and dirty feet while we were all desperately trying to grab her and laughing hysterically. Of course, Rachael really wanted to help and ended up spraying ME.

2) Sitting back to back on the piano bench with Will while I accompanied him on the cello to help him get ready for his book recital this coming Friday.

3) Snuggling with Rachael on the couch after she woke up this morning and realizing she's the only child left who is snuggle-able.

4) Finding out Kate is near the top of her golf class and seeing the happy look on her face as she gets ready to try out for the high school team next month. (This is a big deal for her. Mostly because it's totally out of her comfort zone. She really likes her comfort zone.)

Falling asleep as I type, but feeling good about this already!

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