Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Paddy's Day 2013

My mother may be in the hospital by now (I haven't talked to her in a few days, and she didn't answer the phone the last two times I called her, and she threatened something like this might happen if I didn't put up another blog post soon), and I'm really sorry about that, but doggone it, life can get really busy sometimes. I'm thinking I need to give myself another blog-every-day-for-a-week challenge, both for her and for me, because (as always) there is SO SO SO much to catch up on. (Not the least of which was a trip to Mexico alone with my honey! I may not have been blogging, but I was having a good time with Facebook and Instagram, let me tell you.) 

But I may as well just start where I am, which is the day after St. Paddy's day. For whatever reason, Brandon is a NUT for this mini holiday, so we had a good time with it. 

First, the kids got decked out in the random stuff from our St. Patrick's Day box:

Then I convinced everyone to go ding dong ditching and leave a family size box of Lucky Charms on the neighbors porch:
We all wore green to church (thankfully, many other families were equally nerdy), and then we had my bro-in-law, Brent, and his girl, Camille, over from BYU for a St. Patrick's Day meal:
I tried to get rainbow Twizzlers for this little bag with a pot 'o gold and a rainbow in it, but they were sold out everywhere. I settled on rainbow Skittles:

All the recipes were first time tries, and they all turned out to be delish! Irish StewIrish Wheaten Bread, and a not-at-all Irish, but still green and yummy dessert drink:
More rainbows and gold . . .
While listening to the Celtic radio sation on Pandora, Brandon gave everyone a little history lesson on St. Patrick (because he's cheesy like that). And then, among other topics of conversation, we fought about the difference between guy movies and chick flicks and why he will never watch chick flicks with me but wants me to go with him to see James Bond/Mission Impossible type of movies:
Another St. Patrick's Day in the can . . .

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