Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Week

Going to try to make it feel like that, anyway.

Right now I'm blogging from my phone during opera rehearsal. I didn't get a shower this morning because I've hit that lovely time in my cycle when I get middle of the night insomnia and can't fall back to sleep until about ten minutes before I need to get up. Elizabeth didn't get her book report finished on time, I got everyone late to school because we were waiting for jeans to dry, I get to start and finish Rachael's "Star of the Week" poster for tomorrow as soon as we leave here, and the house is a big mess from the weekend.

HOWEVER. Even though we had a rather busy day of the usual church-a-thon and an evening spent with Brandon's brother's family who recently moved to Orem to celebrate their son's birthday (probably should have been working on the dumb book report at that time), I was happy I spent a few hours in the morning (in between working on my Sunday School lesson) to map out this week leading up to Spring Break/Easter/Will's 12th birthday (on Easter Sunday this year, just like his first birthday) which I will be hosting for some of our California family who are coming up to ski for THEIR spring break.

Part of mapping out the week was figuring out when and how to incorporate (simply) Holy Week commemoration. There were some great things done at church as well, but I was happy we spent a few minutes as a family after our yummy brunch to talk about Palm Sunday. I put up a few Easter decorations, and then decided to put our pictures of the events of Holy Week up chronologically one day at a time as we talk about them. Here's how it looks after Day 1:

(Haven't quite figured out this blogging by phone thing. All the pics posted at once and I can't figure out how to write in between them. Even so, isn't technology amazing?!)

Pic 1: Easter mantle
Pic 2: Brandon's sinful breakfast that I piled up into one delicious "sandwich".
Pic 3: The little girls fishing before church
Pic 4: One of Elizabeth's "Market Day" treasures. I should have let him wear it to church!

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