Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Instagram Clean Out

Since updating my iphone, I've practically forgotten all about my other "nice" camera. The iphone camera is just too light, easy, and convenient NOT to use for everyday pictures. So to keep my mom happy, and to keep me occasionally tuned in to the 'ole blog despite currently being a chicken with my head cut off, I thought I would just do another instagram clean out post. (Mom, do you even know what Instagram is? I didn't think so. It's okay. The No. 2 pencil is a marvelous invention too.) 

Tasty Valentine dinner at the eccentric Tin Angel Cafe up in Salt Lake:
Dominoes and a breakfast smoothie:
Elizabeth sewing Rachael into a homemade shirt:
The best public restroom idea anyone ever had at the new outlet mall near our home. I would bet my life it was a woman who came up with this:
Behind the scenes at Studio 5:
Chocolate Night for the monthly "Food Network" group in my neighborhood:
A fortune I opened shortly before our trip to Meheeko:
One of my favorite Dwight Shrute quotes (and Will) at Jump On It:
Me sweating to death but having a great time with my kids at Jump On It. (And just happy I'm not wetting my pants while doing it. I can't help but think of these things being married to Brandon.) 
My new iphone case. Don't you love it?
Elizabeth getting brave with the kids cookbook and making crepes all by herself:
She did good!
Will getting in on the action:
The gas gauge as I pulled into the gas station:
At puppy training class for Yuki. Rachael had a thing for this St. Bernard named Elvis:
Dr. Suess's birthday at school:
That glorious time of year when the Girl Scouts come around:
Typical Wednesday afternoon now that Kate's on the golf team. Cello on golf clubs:
Weather warming:
A neighborhood in Salt Lake that I found while taking Kate to a harp workshop. I'm in love and want to move in tomorrow. The trees! The trees:

Celtic harpist concert after the workshop:
A funny campaign poster I spotted at the middle school one day:
At the Children's Museum with Rachael's preschool class the other day:

One crazy morning that we all had to leave early together I asked the kids to pack their own lunches. I'm always adamant that they pack a fruit and a vegetable and some sort of protein. Not only did Elizabeth forget her lunch, but THIS is what I found in her lunch sack: a whole Roma tomato (she doesn't even like tomatoes), one slice of ham, and a bag of fruit snacks. (Head shaking . . .)
One last snow. It really was pretty while it lasted. Knowing that winter is coming to an end soon anyway (and because I've been taking about a million milligrams of Vitamin D all winter long), I didn't even mind:
Favorite snack of the moment is Triscuit, cream cheese, and spicy jalepeno jelly:
Finally put some eggs up on the tree branch from the backyard:
Impromptu before school concert:
Kind of psyched to find out that Deseret News took one of my online blog posts and put it in their print edition last week. I didn't even know until Aunt Marsha emailed and said how she had enjoyed it. My peeps over there were kind enough to mail me a copy when I asked (because I have no shame):
Kate's "No-Face" sculpture before it went into the trash:
Pretty sky:
Unicorn and dog:
And why not end on that note? As random as this entire post . . .


  1. Is that neighborhood in Sugarhouse? It looks a lot like the neighborhood we used to live near while in medical school!

    1. If I were familiar with the names of the SL neighborhoods I could tell you. We were wandering around the streets of Harvard and Yale, etc. Is that Sugarhouse? In any case, I loved it! Felt like the east coast. Sort of. :D


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