Saturday, August 21, 2010

Power of Moms Retreat

Remember that Power of Moms Retreat I went to back in June?  (I wrote about it here.)  Well, there's going to be another one in September and it's going to be in a pretty amazing location: on the beach at Dana Point.  (Click here to find out all about it.)  I'd be there in a heartbeat if it weren't for the fact that our family desperately needs to stop moving around for awhile, and - more importantly - it's the weekend of my oldest daughter's 13th birthday!

So if you can, set some money aside, get a friend, and get yourself there.  April is going to be debuting her ultra M.O.M system (Mind Organization for Moms), and let me tell you, it really is the ultimate in organization for moms.  It's based on the best selling book, "Getting Things Done", which I've read and it's a great system, but April has tailored the concepts in the book especially for moms rather than business people, AND she's condensed it down so that it's super easy to implement and follow.  She even came up with a one page visual for the entire system which I think is pretty impressive considering all the moving parts.  (Maybe she doesn't want me to share this, but that visual was born on the bathroom floor early one morning at the last retreat.  She and I were rooming together and she woke up super early with this picture in her head and wanted to write it down without waking me up.  When I did get up, I found her with a notebook and pen on the bathroom floor of our room.  Great ideas really can be born anywhere!) April has even become a guest blogger for the "GTD" website.

Long story short, if you're into getting organized, getting away for a little break, getting inspired and motivated by other great moms trying to be even better - go to the retreat!!

P.S.  There's another retreat in New Hampshire in October if you're interested and live in that neck of the woods.  One of my favorite cyber friends that I hope to meet in person someday will be there, Sarah, from Clover Lane.

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