Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Think It's a Sign

I know my voice is annoying, but for whatever reason I couldn't upload pics, only video.  Not the greatest quality from my little purse camera, but you get the idea: IT'S A SIGN!  Our life here will be perfect and happy and, and . . . and I'd better not jinx myself.

Things I'm digging about Utah:

1) The mountains.  I can't keep my eyes off them.  Especially late in the day when the sun is casting shadows and colors that are always changing.

2) The sky.  Today we had big, stormy clouds, lightening, rainbows, sun shining against the darkness - and we see it all like a huge, overhead IMAX.  We are missing our trees back in CA, but the sky makes up for it.

3) Fry sauce. (My favorite part of that?  "Because fry sauce is from Utah, it is a stereotype that Mormons love fry sauce.") 

4) A house free of funny smells, creaky floors, leaky pipes, and small ceramic tiles.

5) Cute, helpful, friendly teenagers working the drive thrus that speaka English.

6)Wide, open spaces - often with animals.  (Today we went by a property that had horses and camels.)  It reminds me of Iowa/Illinois and makes me feel at home.

7) Kids running rampant in the neighborhood.  Will was out catching grasshoppers and playing 'cops and robbers' with the boys in the neighborhood until 9pm last night when I had to go out and find him.

Lucky seven.  I'll stop there.  I'm tired.


  1. That sounds heavenly. I'm a little jealous. :)

  2. Welcome to Utah. It's really quite a nifty place to live. What a whirlwind life you've had this summer. Hope you are settling in well. Welcome!


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