Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's 4:39 am and I'm awake.  Have been since around 3am.  (Unfortunately, this doesn't happen infrequently.)

Even though I got myself completely ready for bed to "set the stage" (no small feat for me when Brandon is out of town - more often than not he has to put me to bed like one of the children), took some melatonin, put on my eye mask, etc. . . I find myself awake for no reason.  

Maybe it's hormones.  Maybe it's because I haven't exercised regularly all summer long due to moving craziness. (There are other undesirable side effects from this as well . . .)  Maybe it's because I haven't had a minute to myself for a week and a half due to everyone's crazy sleep schedules and Brandon being gone so my sub-concious is waking me up saying, "It's quiet!  You're alone!  Enjoy!"  Maybe it's because our sleep number bed isn't working properly since the move and one side is stuck at 30 (too soft) and the other at 100 (too hard).  Maybe it's because Elizabeth is sleeping next to me, grinding her teeth and putting her feet in my side.  Maybe it's because my brain is on overdrive worrying about:

everything that still has to happen to make this house feel functional and comfortable,

all the school supplies and clothes I haven't purchased,

the last loose ends to complete school registration (like those darn shots!),

how my hair keeps getting thinner and why in the world I got that bad color job in Park City right before Education Week,

whether or not my kids will make good friends in their new schools,

how in most ways this summer was "a wash" for our kids as far as summer reading goals/self-improvement/hard work/fun vacations,

if we will ever have some semblance of order and routine in our life again . . .

Whatever the reason, if this plays out as usual I will go back to sleep in the next hour or so.

Right before Rachael wakes up.  


  1. I feel like my summer was a "wash" too...and NOTHING happened here to give me a good excuse. I hope things settle down soon for you, and the kids get back to school easily, and no more insomnia?

  2. I would highly recommend Utah Valley Pediatrics if you are still looking for a good pediatrician to get those shots. Their web address is I'm not familiar with their American Fork office, but if you're willing to make the drive into Orem, everyone at the Timpanogos Physicians Plaza is awesome, though I would personally recommend Dr. Bailey or Dr. Kendall first, if you can get in.


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