Monday, June 14, 2010


That's just about all I can say.  Everyday is a marathon these days.  Today was Kate's 6th grade promotion ceremony at 8:30 in the morning.  (Aren't they cute?)

Lots of phone calls between me, Brandon, and our realtor in Utah about a certain house we are interested in.  (We need to be out of our house two weeks from this Friday, so we'd better get things figured out quick!)  I finally got a moving company to come for an estimate tomorrow.  (I'm just happy they have availability on such short notice.)  With a half hour notice, a super messy house, and a toddler and pre-schooler under foot, my realtor here called to see if Brandon had told me that the appraiser was coming at 1:30.  (Deep breaths while moving FAST!)  The usual piano lessons, canceling our membership at the YMCA (had to be in person), a distraught Kate who forgot she needed to create the final draft of an essay TONIGHT (i.e. I did the typing so she didn't get in bed too late . . .), Will having a fit because they messed up the yearbook and he found himself next to a random fifth grade girl instead of his other third grade cousin, Rachael discovering two VERY annoying singing Barbie dolls in the closet and insisting I speak for one of them for hours on end, playing a matching game with Elizabeth while hashing out house details with Brandon . . . it went on and on like this all day.

But none of it really bothered me.  I took it all in stride.  Why?  Because I'm still on a little high from my AMAZING weekend at the first ever Power of Moms retreat.  I desperately need to get in bed, so you can read all about it here and here, but in short, it was a thrill of a lifetime for me to be a part of it and feel like my little offering was appreciated and benefitted some "other mother".  Not to mention the honor of presenting alongside April and the Eyre girls.  Those ladies are just cut from a different cloth, let me tell you. And the women who attended the retreat?  Inspirational, fun, down to earth - loved them all.


  1. Allyson!
    You are amazing. I loved getting to know you. I am still on a high from this weekend too. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Thanks for teaching me so many things and making me laugh all along the way!

  2. Allyson-

    What can I say except...I love you! You made me laugh, you made me cry. Thank you for your sense of humor and for your outlook on life. For the first time in a long time I feel like I am enough as a mother. My kids really don't care that I am not skinny minny! I may be a "three pillow belly" mother but they love me just the same!


  3. Found ya! You really are that busy! I will have to send you a link to my blog. It's not very exciting, but hey...

    Good luck with the house business. Can't wait to see how your adventures in Utar turn out. Good luck in the next couple weeks!


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