Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Few More . . .

 . . . things to miss.

Will is outside my bedroom door right now chasing a lizard.  In our yard, the kids find lizards, big snails, and praying mantis all the time.  Kate bought a plastic tank recently for a ring necked snake she found walking home from school. (Classic Kate - she researched online and found out it burrows in damp ground and eats ants and worms - which she catches.  When we went to the pet store for the tank, the store owner tried to tell her how to take care of it, but she had it all figured out already!) Just today, Will came home with a miniscule baby praying mantis he found on a leaf walking home from school.  We also frequently see hawks and/or falcons, hummingbirds, coyotes, wild parrots - once we even saw some type of egret or crane!  Then there are the occasional mountain lions that creep into local neighborhoods making off with small pets . . .

Basically, more than anything, I will miss the land of California.  The wildlife, the mountains, the ocean, the vegetation, the agriculture (the Farmer's Market's are wonderful!), the weather, the National Parks.  But I can survive without the rest of it.

Except the restaurants.  (Oh, the pain!)

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