Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

My day began ironing on patches so Elizabeth could be all ready for the parade.  She and her fellow Daisy troop girls would be riding in a firetruck.  FUN!  

No small town Memorial Day parade would be complete without uniforms and horses: 

Old cars: 

This was a really old Rolls Royce with a cool license plate.  I don't know why, but I dig license plates. 

Best Mexican in town, owned by a friend from church.  His son on the skateboard has been at those swing dance classes I've been going to with my 14-15 year old girlfriends.

Could this be any cuter?  

There's that firetruck!

And a fuzzy, zoomed pic of the cutest little Daisy in town!

Several loud and large planes and helicopters passed overhead.  My favorite!  (The pounding of the helicopter actually reminded me of getting evacuated last summer . . .not my favorite.)

Brandon's brother and his brother-in-law with their cute pre-schoolers.  (You would not believe how many preschools walk in our parade!)

$1 to the disabled veterans got Rachael this cute flag she was very happy to wave. 

To the city park after for some of that yummy Los Gringos and a petting zoo (among other things).  One little kid (as in baby goat) got a hold of Rachael's hair right after I took this picture and started chewing away!  When I finally got the hair out of it's mouth, it was covered in green slimy grass!!  Blech.  

Requisite food and treats to be enjoyed on this day: sno cones, hot dogs, watermelon, ice cream.  Check.

I was sorry I found these paper horns for the kids to blow.  Oh man, did that ever get annoying, but Will especially loved another way to make a lot of noise. 

Afterward we went to my in-laws for the traditional first swim of the year and BBQ.  (Going to miss that . . .)  Lots of friends and family, great discussion, yummy food.  Too bad I didn't take any pics.  I was too busy cleaning up the TWO big poopy diapers that got all wet and gross in Rachael's swim diaper - one that even squished out all over the cement by the hot tub, requiring a bleach clean up.  (The hot tub water was looking a little cloudy after that.) Other than that, a GREAT day.  

On the drive home I couldn't resist a picture of my FAVORITE house in town.  The only thing it is missing is a white picket fence to go with those roses in front . . . 

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  1. Even after all these years, things in LC haven't changed a lot. I think LC likes it that way. :) What a great flashback of memories for me...


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