Thursday, June 3, 2010


We're in Utar. (That's NOT a typo.)  We have two days without out kids to find a place to live.

When we left here 13 summers ago, we never thought we'd be back.  We lamented that as poor, busy students there was so much of Utah we had never explored.  We never climbed Timp, we never went to the Great Salt Lake.  There's a really long list, actually.  And now we get to do all that fun stuff with our kids.  I'm surprising myself -  I think I'm gonna like it here! (Name that song/movie.)

Right off the plane I noticed how much sky there is (and of course the gorgeous mountains).  It's nice.  We'll get to see sunsets.  It's opener here in the wide open air. (Name that book.) I know we were just here in April for a family reunion, but I'm looking at this place from a totally different perspective now.

We couldn't resist trying to find some Japanese food for dinner.  We found a Tepanyaki place right off the freeway in Lehi (where Footloose was filmed - yeah!) and tried it out.  Pretty mediocre.  It was DEFINITELY a remodeled Perkins and the inside was full of lots of fake flowers.

That's okay.  We're not moving here for the restaurants.


  1. Annie. We used to go to Tepanyaki's for Valentine's day every year. (the only time we would justify spending that much money). It was in Provo, and so good. But I've never had the real thing, so I might be easy to please.

  2. Allyson--what a cute family! It was such a treat meeting you at Power of Moms. You made me laugh--still chuckling about pillow abs.:)

  3. I remember when you left here 13 summers ago. The last time I saw you was the morning I was headed off to YW camp. I think I have a picture. Welcome back!


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