Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gratitude--Days 18 & 19

Yesterday was a fairly typical, mundane Monday (cleaning up after the weekend, getting prepped for the week ahead, and trying not to feel annoyed that every Monday is early out day with Kate coming home about 1 hour after Rachael leaves), but a definite highlight was taking Kate to see the "Sacred Gifts" exhibit at the MOA (BYU's Museum of Art):

We weren't allowed to take pictures in the exhibit, but it was beautiful (calming, inspiring . . .), and nice to enjoy with just one child that I could talk to without interruption who also appreciated what I was seeing. There are some great things about kids growing up. (Even if she makes faces like this when I tell her to look up like me.)
I was also grateful yesterday for another gorgeous fall day. (Hope it wasn't the last!) I took a nice little walk with these four cuties. Not sure who is walking who:
TODAY I felt grateful for all the amazing teachers at both school and church who enrich my children's lives in so many ways. This afternoon Elizabeth met with her girls group at church at their leader's home for a tea party and etiquette class. So cute and fun!
And then tonight I was grateful for all the girls and moms who showed up for our service activity at church to make over 100 *magical* fairy wands for the pediatric patients at nearby American Fork hospital (where Brandon works). We got some serious craft on:

I have to say, I had a nasty cloud hanging over my head all day (for no good reason), and this activity just snapped me right out of my pathetic little pity party. There really is something about getting out of yourself and thinking about other people that just heals the whiny, self-absorbed soul. How can you not feel happy after working with wonderfully generous people to make this gorgeous pile of fluff intended for pediatric patients:

Last but not least, I was grateful for my good friend, Holly, who finally finished the pictures from our family photo shoot. Look at my gorgeous kids! Kind of makes you realize the power of good photography, doesn't it? (Not that they are usually ugly, but just compare the top picture of Kate to this one. I mean, seriously . . .)

There were so many dumb little mini catastrophes  in the last two days that I was NOT grateful for, but I'm really trying to become the kind of person who sees and focuses on all the good in my life and not the bad. (Or even just the painfully annoying--because there is a LOT of that!) And it's not too hard to do when I look at these pictures. I'm telling you, this whole "gratitude journal" thing works . . .

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