Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gratitude--Days 12, 13

YESTERDAY I was grateful that despite my usual morning routine of sending 4 kids out the door in 4 different shifts with 4 different sets of things (but always a lunch--cold lunches will be the death of me!), I somehow managed to get my home looking good enough that the 14 women coming over for lunch at noon wouldn't suspect that we actually live like clutter-bugs and pigs. It would have been even nicer if I hadn't made half of them sit at the "kids table" with the same tablecloth we used for crafts this summer during "Reynolds Camp" (complete with glitter glue remnants), but I just didn't think past things like moving the dog paraphernalia and eliminating the stinky odors from my house fast enough to realize there might be enough people coming to require breaking out the kids table.

And I'm grateful for those wonderful ladies who came. Once a month the women at the church go to the temple together followed by lunch at someone's home. (I know, the Mormony theme continues. I don't know what to tell you--I'm a Mormony Mormon!) I volunteered to host the lunch this month and it was just lovely. Everyone brought such yummy food (plus cookies from The Sweet Tooth Fairy), and then we just talked and talked while eating. I really like this "new" (as of last May when our congregation boundaries changed) group of ladies in my neighborhood church, which is a good thing considering how much time I spend with them.

And I was especially grateful to the two women who wrapped up the luncheon for me--even doing the dishes--since I had to duck out early to go to a gynecological appointment. (Of all things! I remembered the day before the luncheon that I had this appointment, and since I waited three months for it I wasn't about to cancel.)

And I can't tell you how grateful I am that in this county of almost all male gynecologists, my friend from our old neighborhood is the one female gynecologist nearby--and she's awesome! (I am weird about having a female gyno. Sorry if this is TMI.)

TODAY I was grateful to get the playroom cleaned up, doggie doo doo and all. (Do NOT get me started on the potty training troubles of small dogs.) And I was grateful Rachael had a fun friend over to play with and that it was not my day to drive kindergarten carpool.

I was also grateful for the best two hours of my day today at a meeting with the president, other counselor, and secretary of our congregation's women's organization--called the Relief Society. (There is nothing Mormony going on for the next three days. I promise.) They are all so smart and fun and talented and real. I just love them to death, and I think we laugh more than anything during these "meetings," but we did make some serious headway planning the upcoming Christmas party for the whole church (not just the women this time) and it's going to be a COWBOY CHRISTMAS! Yee-haw! Sallie is the president, and aside from being an accomplished artist and Art/English professor she would give you the shirt off her back. Liesa is the other counselor and a crazy multi-talent. She wrote this book and is also an interior designer. And then Holly (madame secretary) just took our family Christmas card pictures and they are absolutely gorgeous! (Wish she had been around when I had my babies . . . sniff, sniff.)

I was also very grateful today that in between Will's orchestra rehearsal and Kate's harp lesson I was not only able to make a drop off at Deseret Industries (LOVE getting old junk out of my house!), but also able to run by the store and pick up a few things I "needed" including Diet caffeine free Coke ZERO which I'm pretty sure isn't good for me even though it is calorie and caffeine free. But every once in while, I just like to have one. So I'm grateful.

Second to lastly, I'm grateful neither dog had an accident in an unauthorized location today.

Truly lastly, I'm grateful at least one of my kids likes Peanuts as much as I did. As I said on Instagram, Peanuts never go out of style:

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