Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gratitude--Day 6

I'm doing it! I'm here two days in a row! Yay, me! And this, despite Brandon getting home later than 8pm for like the 27th day in a row. Not really, but he had a REALLY bad call weekend and then three days in a row of getting home way late. It's hard for me to take the level of energy I start out with in the day and maintain it into the evening when I have no backup. And today, I had a lot of energy, and I got a lot done, and I had great interactions with my kids, but (like always), it all started to unravel fairly early in the evening. My kids know when I'm starting to poop out because they start sneaking off to watch episodes of Korra and Dr. Who, or they take my phone to play "Dumb Ways to Die". Yes, my children are keenly aware when I start transitioning from ultra-responsible Supermom to just plain old Super-tired.

But that's not why we are here, is it? We are here to express GRATITUDE! And I certainly have my things to be grateful for today. Like . . .

1) Despite my typical mid-morning insomnia (as in 4-5am, followed by very shallow sleeping until the 6:30 alarm), I ended up full of energy and got a ton of work done before lunch. I really like to feel good physically and be productive in ways that matter to me, and I was thankful both happened today.

2) Elizabeth felt well enough to go back to school.

3) Another mom offered to take my kindergarten carpool shift!

4) Reading Rachael's Take Home Reading book together and watching her point to each word with her adorable My Little Pony Band-Aid covered finger. Also grateful for other cute things in my life like the second hand Minnie Mouse shoes (which both little girls have worn and adored) and the sparkly Hello Kitty shoes. I will be sad when I no longer have little girls wearing glittery/sparkly things. Because it's just dang cute.

5) Lunch out with my Power of Moms friend, Koni Smith, and our great conversation. I'm not a big go out to lunch with girlfriends all the time type, but every time I do, I love it and I'm glad.

6) Sharing laughs with Kate over this RIDICULOUS law. This is government over-reach at its best and THE DEATH OF COMMON SENSE!

7) Will FINALLY remembering to stay after school to work on his project that he's behind in, and FINALLY remembering to borrow a bow from his orchestra director who accidentally took HIS bow and turned it in to a repair shop with many of the other school bows. After two days of aggravation over his persistent forgetfulness, I was SO grateful he remembered.

8) My teenage daughter contentedly sitting here next to me with a towel on her head watching funny youtube videos on my phone as she winds down before bed. As much as the lack of personal space can bug sometimes, it's tough to begrudge a teenager who actually wants to be around you!

9) And I'm grateful that Brandon DID come home (even if it was after 8pm) because some moms are FOR REAL single moms and that just seems like a really tough job. I'm wimpy in that regard. I pretty much need backup every single day starting around 6 or 7pm. (And thank goodness I've got some good looking and ultra competent backup.)

10) My bed! To which I must now retire . . . (doing my slouched over typing with my eyes half-closed thing.)


  1. i really love your blog, just found it recently but keep up with the posts!

    1. Thank you!! That totally motivates me to keep writing!


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