Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gratitude--Day 7

Today I'm feeling grateful for my association with Power of Moms. Why? A LOT of reasons, but tonight in particular because I got to attend not one, but TWO fantastic events related to my ties with Power of Moms.

The first was a "Style Makers" event with the wonderful people at Studio 5. (I'm going to be doing a segment in a few weeks, but tonight was my first time seeing the new set in person. WOW! It's beautiful!) After the keynote speaker (Emily McCormick of Shabby Apple) and right when they were about to explain the details of their new "Style Maker" series (and presumably, how we would be involved), Saren and I had to leave early for a book signing at the CUTEST bookstore I've seen in a long time, The King's English. We had a nice turnout, and sweet Ericka Winkfield made my day when she came up and told me she loves my posts and makes a point of reading them. Those little moments and interactions really keep me going, because the truth is, I don't see myself as a particularly great writer, and I would certainly never consider myself a role model for other mothers to look up to (most days I'm pretty sure I need some serious help). I can think of gobs of women I know personally who are doing the mom thing way better than I am, but for whatever crazy reason, I've been blessed with this opportunity and a venue to speak out in support of motherhood. So despite feeling horribly inadequate and hypocritical about 95% of the time, I'm going to keep riding this wave.

I mean, wouldn't you if it meant you got to hang out on TV sets and sign books? Is this really my life? Ridiculous!



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