Friday, August 19, 2011

Morning Walks, Phat Club, and Jenny Craig

Life is just too darn fun and busy in the summer for blogging. It just is. Especially when I'm actually on vacation visiting friends and family. (And also because I had two Deseret News posts due this past week. They took all the computer time I already didn't want to spend.) But iphoto let me know this morning that I'm running out of disk space, so I need to get my pictures out of there and on to here before I transfer them all to "somewhere." (Anyone have any brilliant ideas for how to save my pics from iphoto besides transferring them to an external hard drive? Is that the best thing to do? Nicer cameras make you pay in disk space! And taking too many pictures . . .) 

One thing I have failed to mention that is going on at the Reynolds household right now is the "Club Phat"challenge Brandon and I entered into with about 24 other friends and neighbors. I'm also on my own personal diet with Jenny Craig, so it's a double whammy effort geared toward my upcoming 40th birthday in September. (Yikes!) The "Club Phat" challenge is a 6 week program where you score yourself daily in nine different areas, getting one point for each of the following: no soda (not even diet), no sweets, getting at least 7 hours of sleep, no eating within 2 hours of bedtime, taking a multivitamin, drinking 48 oz. of water, eating 2 servings of fruit, eating 3 servings of veggies, and exercising for 30 minutes. You can actually get up to 3 points a day for exercise, but no more than 14 a week, so a perfect score at the end of the week is a 70. (And you get three "cheat" points a week that can be used for anything but exercise.) At the end of the six weeks (for our group it's Sept. 11 - three days after my birthday) the winner is the person with the most points, adding in additional points for percentage body weight lost times two. (Does that make sense?) The top three scorers get increasingly smaller percentages of the money everyone threw into the pot: $100 each so a total of $2400! 

We've been at it for almost three weeks now, and I thought I was doing pretty well with a score of 62 the first week until I saw FIVE people had perfect scores of 70! (I hope they aren't counting leg lifts while watching TV as exercise . . .) That motivated me to work harder, so I pulled off a 67 last week (no small feat since I'm on vacation), but the same five people pulled of perfect scores again so I'm starting to get MAD. (In a good way.) I pretty much always use my cheat points for sweets, like last night when Brandon's dad pulled out Trader Joe's dark chocolate covered ice cream bon bons. (Hello! What would you do? They're only 60 calories each. And I only had two. Not bad, right?)

In any case, I've been exercising more than usual, and one day in particular I walked all the way from my in-law's house up to our old house and back again. It's all uphill and took about an hour and half round trip. I've taken several walks in the morning, never that long (I brought several workout DVD's with me), but I had fun seeing some of my favorite streets and houses again, and couldn't resist taking some iphone pics. Here they are: 

Trees! Glorious trees!

Right around the corner from our old house. I loved walking this street:

Kevin Costner's old house before he divorced:

This house is right across the street from our old house, and was 3-1/2 years in the making (most of the time we lived there) so I was happy to finally see it finished:
Our trillion dollar ranch among the zillion dollar mansions (man, am I ever glad to be in Utah for that reason):
My all-time favorite:
Miss those California oaks:
It's our last day today, so we just got back from our favorite local Japanese restaurant for lunch, and I hearTodd and Shauna just arrived downstairs with their kids for one last swim day, so it's time to get off this computer!

Hope you're enjoying your last few days of summer too!

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