Saturday, August 6, 2011

Because He's Ten

I only have one boy, and he's on the brink of morphing. (I remember how fast it happened with Kate after ten . . .) I know I still have a few years, but I'm trying to suck the life out of every boyhood moment that I can. So I take pictures of stuff like this:

Brandon had "the talk" with him the other day. He had given him a brief version a while back, but this was more in depth. He hated every minute of it, but these are the things you must do as a parent when your kids are on the brink of morphing. 

Ah, bittersweet. 

I'm posting stuff all the time, but I don't always link to it so here's the latest on Deseret News. Would someone leave a comment for crying out loud!? It's the third most read blog right now under "life" and yet there are still no comments! (I am just insecure and crazy enough to think that people reading without commenting means they don't like it . . .)

I'm heading to California with the kids in a few hours. Can't wait for another solo cross county road trip. My favorite! (Brandon's coming next week for the actual family reunion. I'm going early so the kids can see their school friends.) Actually, if everyone is happy and the music is good (remember Brandon's vasectomy playlist?), it beats a day at home trying to pack while everyone complains of being bored. That, to me, is pure torture. Today will be better than yesterday. Except I'm sad because I have bad hair. My much anticipated cut and color did not come out right. Too much cutting, uneven layers, out of control bangs, dark, heavy color. Why did I have to go grey early?? I seriously might just chop it off myself and do the old fashioned thing and put lemon juice all over it before going to the beach . . .) 

When we get back in two weeks, summer 2011 will be history. I have so many pictures and blog post ideas rolling around in my head, but it's just so hard to find quiet time in the summer with kids at home and all the summer activities, so it will all have to wait. 

Happy August! 


  1. sister Reynolds... I LOVED your dark hair! It looks really good!! I meant to tell you at church today

  2. Allyson, the photo of the "guys" climbing the dresser made me laugh out loud. That is priceless. Love you!


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