Sunday, August 28, 2011

$40 a Date

Okay people, there's a new not-to-miss feature on my blog called: Read Mom's Wacky Comment. Check out yesterday's. (Mom, you are now obligated to make at least one comment every blog post.)

Scott said my blog looked fine and asked what I would want to do with it. Well, labels for one. And as I started labeling my posts, I think I'd see certain themes popping out, and if there were few enough themes with more than enough posts, I'd love to make tabs for those things that I post about the most. I have a feeling one of those would have something to do with exploring Utah and all the cool, fun things there are to do in this new state of ours. 

I have a hard time getting interested in a lot of the "stuff" I see on many mom blogs (cute hair things, jewelry, baby accessories, home decorating ideas, etc.), and since I don't even really enjoy shopping (like, I kind of hate it) I'd MUCH rather spend my time, money, and blog space experiencing stuff and sharing it, instead of buying stuff and advertising it. For me, shopping is a necessary evil that feels like a chore, but I get really excited about researching all the fun things to do in whatever place I'm in and then making plans to do it. Hence, I am the official unofficial activities director for our family, and most recently, our date nights. (We were supposed to be taking turns, but I have way more fun coming up with ideas so Brandon happily let me take over.)  

So what did we do last night? Zip-lining in the Wasatch Mountains. (You've gotta love groupons.) You've heard of Rachael Ray's $40 a Day? Well, this might be my first $40 a Date. (Could THAT be one of my tabs?) We spent $24 on the zip line, and $15 on some good, cheap Mexican food. Not bad, right? 

Here come the iphone pics.

Sorry, Al, you just can't look cool in that helmet with a harness on:
The company, Max Zipline, has only been open for a few months, so our guide Kevin wanted me to post our pictures on Facebook. We'll see if I get around to it. (I'm not much into FB.):
I don't think this one is going to make the cut:
Can you tell Brandon has lost weight? He's been working hard. (Not as hard as me, but, you know, he's a guy, so all he has to do is stop drinking soda or something like that and 5 pounds come off overnight. It's ridiculously frustrating . . . .)
Lest you think we were doing something impressively daring, check out the three grade schoolers ahead of us in line:
This was the longest line, over 1000 feet long:
Kevin told me I came in "too hot" every time. I told him I was a speed junkie and couldn't help myself:
It was fun riding up and back in this Polaris:
 Gorgeous scenery! That's half the attraction:
So many people come here in the winter for skiing, but we really found out this summer how much there is to do in the mountains in the summer. (More posts on that "later".) Not to mention how beautiful it is. 
I've got jr. high carpool in the morning. Better head to bed . . . 


  1. 'Labels?' Do you mean 'categories' (i.e., ways of bunching your posts by theme)? For example, on my blog I have categories like 'Teaching and Learning' or 'Leadership and Vision.'

  2. The look of your guide Kevin is the most harrowing part of your zip line photos. He looks totally comeptent and responsible.

  3. That looks like an awesome $40 date. I need to start doing that, too. Can't wait till I have that built-in babysitter like you!

  4. Hey! Angelina Jolie - move over.


  5. I agree! The mountains are the best. I just spent a week in our Canadian Rockies. Hiking. Hiking. So much fun! Thanks so much for this post!


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