Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Love Ebay

I LOVED these books as a child . . .
 . . . especially the stories, "The Ghost Who Loved Toast" and "The Muddiest Pig Contest." (My sisters and I tried to re-create the muddiest pig contest at the school yard ball diamond by our house one day after a big storm--lots of mud, unhappy mother . . .)

But my youngest sister managed to "inherit" them recently by virtue of living near my parents, which is fair enough. I don't really expect that all four of us sisters can possibly get every thing of sentimental value that we would want. And that's where the magic of ebay comes in. Now I have my very own copies of these lovely, uber 70's children's books. My kids love them as much as I did!

Did anyone else read these as a child?

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