Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

There was an unfortunate experience at our house yesterday. You can read about it hereAnd then make a comment! (Thanks Anna and Jenni for commenting last time.) It's been fun to read more comments than usual here, especially since blogging is really about connecting and sharing with people. I especially get a kick out of hearing from random blog stalkers like Diane from Canada. (Or maybe I do know you . . . do I have a friend named Diane in Canada?) I love blog stalkers that are willing to make comments.  

If you do go and read the DN article, you'll know that life at the Reynolds' house isn't really one big perpetual vacation and date night. And that's another reason I like to blog--because in the blogging world my life CAN be a perpetual vacation and date night! 

Here are the pics from a day at the L.A. Zoo. I was having way too much fun with my telephoto lens, capturing stills of the animals (all species):

Dad said this was his favorite animal of the day (because Reynolds means "fox"). This is the same species that is only found  in the wild on the Channel Islands where we took the kids on a day hike back in our California days:


 My favorite of the day:

Thank you telephoto for this gross picture:
Going after a carrot:

Waiting for the bird show to begin:


  1. Loved the pictures. You should go to work Natgo.

    For Depressed Moms who are slaves to a list: My mother (eight children) always told me "whatever you don't get done today will always be there tomorrow". Take a deep breath and enjoy yourselves.

  2. Forget your comment about noticing if your husband lost weight! What about you? You look fabulous, not that you didn't before. Why is it so precarious to compliment a woman who has lost weight, to say they look good insinuates they didn't before, and so on and so forth.
    Whatever-you're looking pretty (insert my favorite d word) good for turning 40 next week!


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