Saturday, July 9, 2011


There's a rather large part of my life that I've failed to mention on this blog. It's my other life as my son's cub scout den leader. Of all the "jobs" I've had at church, the invitation to serve in this capacity surprised me the most, both because I've never really seen myself as the super scouty type (I'm usually asked to teach, work with the young women, or play the piano for the choir), but also because I'm enjoying it so much. I mean, I only have one son, and he's only going to be a cub scout for a few years, so this is my one shot at being a den mother. (I hope!) If my neighbor and co-leader, Jen, doesn't kill me because of my inability to get all the scouting stuff straight (I really don't know who came up with the requirements and formatted the scout books, but it's like Greek to me!) then I just may figure it out and qualify as a half-decent leader before he graduates to Boy Scouts in a few years. 

For awhile there, Brandon was the cub master, and since I was always running errands for him and buying the advancement awards at the cub scout store before pack meetings every month, I started calling my self the cub mistress. 

You gotta love a man in uniform:

Yes, I've been leading weekly den meetings (more like assisting Jen, the other den mother, I mean, LEADER--she doesn't like that title), going to monthly pack meetings, and special events like the Blue and Gold Banquet:
Here's Jen leading the boys in a skit/song at the banquet. (Why wasn't I up there? Probably because I didn't get a shirt for a long, long time and I didn't want to disgrace the stage with my un-scoutish ways.)
There are always little sisters running around:
One of our first activities was taking the boys to the local Deseret Industries (like Goodwill) to do some volunteer work:

But it's the Pinewood Derby that every cub scout looks forward to. Here they are inspecting the trophies and sizing up the competition:

You should know by now that he's being funny, but I think he looks cute:

That's what I'm talking about:

The Pink Ladies ready to cheer on their brother's cars:

Ah, the tension was thick: 

Somehow Will pulled off 2nd place, even though his car didn't look nearly as cool as the others:  

More scout pictures to come on another day . . .

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  1. Um, have to correct you on one thing. He will be in Boy Scouts in March, not a few years! Hard to believe our little guys are getting so grown up.

    And, I have no doubt that you are an awesome den leader.


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