Friday, July 1, 2011

Cascade Springs

What do you do in the summer when it's HOT? Swimming is always my favorite option, but a close #2 is heading up into the mountains, which is what we did on Tuesday. (It was about ten degrees cooler up there.) I took the kids to Cascade Springs, a place I remembered visiting with Brandon 16 summers ago as newlyweds. I have a long list of easy, family friendly hikes along the Wasatch Front I'm dying to try, but I started with one I already knew. It's a pretty good drive up the canyon, but beautiful from the very start. 

On the drive:
Thank you, Vanna: 
From cyberspace: "The springs are fed by precipitation from the mountains above. 7 million gallons of water a day reach the surface of impermeable rock, and flow out to feed the springs."

Brandon met us up there after a few hours:

Kate caught a snake:

On the drive home we were SHOCKED to see a MOOSE run across the road right in front of us! You should have seen me scrambling for the camera:
Hello, gorgeous:

Brandon read somewhere that this past March, April, and May in Utah was the wettest (hence, the coldest and most gray) since they started keeping records in the 1800's. I hope that means next spring I won't have such a rocky relationship with Utah, since we're currently on such good terms.

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  1. First, your family is so cute.

    Wow. I gotta visit Cascade Springs when we come for a visit. DOn't you just love the beauty of Utah? And even though we all love California, there's something about the mountains of Utah that have always felt like they're a part of us - maybe because we're BYU alum or maybe because it's in our heritage. I don't know. But it sure makes your heart feel good.

    FYI The word verification this time is "dorks." Nice.


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