Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Nights

" . . . tell me more, tell me more" (Name that movie.)

I give up. During the summer months, our kids will not go to sleep earlier than 10:30pm. Resistance is futile. The nights here are so gorgeous. Between 8-9:00pm the whole neighborhood suddenly comes to life with children. It's the craziest thing! The altitude makes the sun especially hot during the day, and the desert climate makes the temperatures drop about 20-30 degrees at night. As a result, night time is play time. 

Here's where we went last night at 8:30. A perfect summer evening:
Dusk is about 9:30 right now . . .

There's that old Beehive theme again:

Kate spun Will so hard on this that he said it felt like his cheeks were going to come off of his face. (He does have some pretty sweet cheeks.) Brandon is in the background talking to a tourist from France who is traveling all over the western U.S. in a motorhome with his wife and young son. How fun is that:
Will getting Kate back:

Hard to believe this was our first family trip to Snoasis this summer season. We've committed to come back as often as possible before summer's end. It really is nothing like your run-of-the-mill snow cone. They pour CREAM over the top for crying out loud:
Flavor of the week for all the Harry Potter fans:
Perfect ending to a perfect summer night:
(Except for poor Will in the background who was so sick to his stomach from all the spinning that he didn't get ANYTHING!)


  1. I miss Utah summer nights for the very reason you just described! The temperature just doesn't drop much in 90% humidity even after dark.

    By the way - what's the vasectomy playlist?

  2. Grease! If you can believe it, I potty-trained my oldest with bribes of purchasing the movie Grease. (We'd seen it a local high school production and she fell in love with the music.) Funny though--as she got older she wasn't allowed to watch it anymore! In fact, just the other day she asked, "Am I old enough to watch Grease again?" I didn't know quite how to respond.

    Have you seen that movie lately?!?!?


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