Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lemonade Stands

Speaking of lemonade stands, here's the one Elizabeth begged to do for weeks:

We are constantly joking with the kids about how they will end up dancing on a street corner holding a sign for a business if they don't do well in school. I guess Will figured he wasn't old enough to be beneath that kind of job yet, because we found him on the corner by our house "dancing" on his ripstick with a sign for the lemonade stand. We put a kabosh to that shortly after taking this picture, motivated by the image of him accidentally bashing into the side of a turning car:

The girls delivering an order to a customer. (Mom and Dad nearby making sure they don't get kidnapped--we really know how to take the fun out of everything.)
They got really got organized a couple of days later and set up some shade, packed ice, and the muffins they were advertising. (Kate and I made the muffins--this is a really good recipe that calls for plain yogurt which I was out of, so I substituted ricotta cheese of all things, and they were delish!)
I like to indulge my kids in any and all activities that I deem "quintessential childhood moments" because I already know all too well how soon kids grow out of such activities. Note the absence of Kate. Here she is just a few years ago in California. Same table and tablecoth:

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  1. You sound like my husband and me... A while ago when passing a 'dancing telephone' my pre-schooler asked, "Why he don't go to college?" We brainwash our kids too--telling them they have a future dressed as pink telephones, or sign-dancers if they don't go to college!

    As for the lemonade stands, you're a kinder mother than me. I have NEVER allowed them. It probably is a quintessential element of childhood, but I find them to be in direct contrast to the constant 'Stay away from stranger'lectures and with a lemonade stand we're saying 'Strangers approach us and buy my lemonade.' You must feel this same sentiment somewhat as you mentioned staying close by to ward off possible kidnappers...

    It boggles even my own mind the things I'm very opinionated against versus the things I am not!

    (And why oh why do I leave such long comments on your blog?!?)


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