Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Entrepeneur

Do your kids like to try to make money in the summer? Mine have done multiple lemonade/baked goods/used toy and book stands over the years, along with a few adventurous souls wanting to peddle their homemade wares, but I was impressed a couple of days ago when Rachael's FOUR-YEAR-OLD neighborhood friend offered me this Wild Wild West floral arrangement for a buck fifty. What would you do? 

It looks better than the fake thing from Target that is usually on my counter . . . .

Kate started filing at Brandon's office this summer to earn money, and I've FINALLY instituted a  work/allowance program in our home to teach my kids work/responsibility/money management that I think all of us can actually stick with. (That's been the biggest problem in the past--mom being able to stick to the program.) I'll blog about that "later" too . . .

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