Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011

Between Spring Break, Easter, our anniversary trip, and the other five kajillion things that have happened in between, I'm getting WAY behind on the 'ole blog.  I already posted here about our Easter traditions (not that I do all of them mind you--I just use that list as a resource), so this post is nothing but fun pictures.  I actually kind of pooped out this year on the pictures. I usually get a nice shot of the family in their Sunday best, the kids with their baskets and all of that, but the weather has been so, so, UNCOOPERATIVE (I'm trying to be more positive) that I just gave up on that idea.  (Mother's Day. That's when I'll do it.) 

The cutest Easter craft EVER made by my amazing neighbor Jen. (Certainly nothing I could pull off . . .) She made them for her pre-schoolers, and then actually saved some for my kids!  So sweet:

The baskets: 

Saturday Easter brunch:

Coloring eggs:

Easter dinner:
This could be the coolest thing I have ever made:
The ever lovely Ashley came to dinner with us. Love Will's face:
These are quite possibly the best mashed potatoes you'll ever eat:
Coconut cake for dessert:
Easter is the only time of year pastels and chickies are okay to have around the house. I love that! 
Hopefully I'll do more catching up soon!

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