Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Signs of Summer

Since we left our lawnmower back in Iowa almost five years ago (does anyone do their own yard work in California?) and our landlord did all the yard work last year, I just assumed he would do it again this year. 

Not so. You should see our yard.  It's bad news.  

I know we haven't even really enjoyed much of spring yet, but dandelions always remind me of summer,  and they are out in full force. Lucky for me, I love dandelions!  

Especially when they are brought to me by cute little chubby hands. 


  1. But did you check to see if Rachael likes butter?

  2. I love that little red dress, she looks darling...what a great photo!

  3. Hey Allyson! It's so good to see you guys are doing so well! Shaun and I will be heading back to the mainland in about a year. Hopefully we can stop and see you guys!!


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