Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Sixteen: Day 2

We didn't leave southern California because we didn't like the weather, the ocean, the wide variety of ever-blooming vegetation, the creative architecture, the interesting people, or the fun lifestyle. And that's why it was painful to go back, especially in the midst of the "extended version" of winter in Utah.  But I'm thinking that "Painful Bliss" as a title for our anniversary trip is kind of depressing, so I'm changing it to "Sweet Sixteen." 

Day 2 started out with this lovely view from our window:
We spent most of they day in the Avila Beach area:

Someone told us about a place a little inland where we could rent bikes and ride back to the beach, so we headed over there. It was a canopy of trees the whole way. I shot this picture randomly out the window:
Outside the bike shop:

The ride to the beach:

Stuff blooming everywhere and anywhere:

This is the way to spend your lunch break:
Out on the pier:
 Down on the beach:

On a beachside bench:
I would have bought this beauty if it weren't over $2000 . . . .
As we were biking back, this hill struck me as a scene from my childhood.  I'm just waiting for Mary, Laura, and Carrie to come tumbling down in their prairie dresses:

After dropping off the bikes, we went to a nearby "barn" full of all sorts of goodies:

Olallieberry turnovers, a local specialty:

When we first got to the airport, we were joking with the car rental associate about how we'd love to get a convertible but they were just too pricey. She was nice enough to offer us a car with a sunroof for just a bit more than the car we already had lined up. Here's Brandon with the Camaro. It just makes me laugh:
That night there was a Farmer's Market at Avila Beach. We ended up eating dinner there:
Mexican corn on the cob--mayo, cotija cheese, chili powder, lime juice.  Heaven on earth:
Shrimp cocktail:
Fish tacos:
Mango on a stick with chili powder:

Last but not least, we went by the Hula Hut for some ice cream. I just had to take a picture of this sign for Kate, who is on a mission to make us dog owners:
And this cute fudge:

Then there was the Royal Wedding to catch up on. I mean, come on, we share anniversaries now so we had to at least watch the re-cap. And the names Kate and William--is that just weird or what??

Have you seen this

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  1. Do you know how badly I want to go to California right now? OMGosh. All your fault...LOL...That fish taco looked awesome..and the elote! Oh dear! Yes, and the Little House theme song came right into my head on that one picture. Just sayin'...


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