Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forgiven (Temporarily)

I was very, very mad at Utah the entire month of April.  I think it may have been the most winter-like April I have ever experienced in my life.  Everyone kept saying how unusual it was, but then I heard reports of people running a half marathon in the snow last year near the end of MAY.  

That's when I remembered. I remembered driving home the end of April from BYU to Illinois (and then Iowa--my parents moved twhile I was in Japan as a missionary, mid-college years), and it always seemed like spring had sprung a little faster back there.  

In just the last few weeks it suddenly dawned on me: I live in the HIGH DESERT.  

And I think that means winter lasts longer! 

Is this true? Are there less overcast days (supposedly) than the mid-west, and less wet-cold below freezing days, but the season of winter itself lasts LONGER!?  

I'm trying not to obsess about my natural surroundings too much, but I noticed a MARKED difference in my mood and energy level after coming back from 3 days of warmth and sunshine in California to (hallelujah!) sun in Utah. And while I am grateful for the belated turn in the weather, I am simultaneously already making a new game plan for next winter--which is apparently only 6 months away. (Waaaahhhh!!) It involves tanning beds, vitamin supplements, more time in front of my Happy Lamp, and maybe some heavy medications or Zumba classes.  I might also try to go to Costa Rica during February and March. (Doesn't that just make you smile?) 

In the meantime, like a fickle girlfriend, I've forgiven Utah for it's past transgressions after we had a lovely date together last weekend here: 
They hold a tulip festival every April, and extended it an extra week this year because of the horrible weather. Thank goodness! This little outing came just in the nick of time:



I had no idea how extensive the gardens were! (Fifty-five acres of themed gardens.) Somehow we missed that last summer/fall when we were first getting acquainted with Thanksgiving Point. Now I'm an even bigger fan.

Until next winter . . .

P.S.  An interesting article on the "Mormon Moment."


  1. WOW, maybe I'd want to visit Utah more in the winter if it ends with such a beautiful display of COLOR!!! Beautiful! If you ever need some sun, you're always welcome to sunny Sacramento!


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