Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Week in Pictures - Part I

Kind of like "The Year in Pictures", but way less interesting and way more mediocre photography. (And it's more like two or three weeks, but "The Week in Pictures" just sounded better.)

Here we are at Thanksgiving Point, home of all things yummy, cultural, creative, educational, and just plain fun. I have a bajillion pictures (I'll post later) from last week of the kids at Cornbelly's, running the entire month of October at Thanksgiving Point, and I just made reservations today for their annual "Eat Like A Pilgrim" feast coming up in November which looks SO fun. And they have huge soft serve ice cream cones for 50 cents. And FREE baby cones for littler kids like Rachael.  AND a super duper cute gift shop.  And, and, and . . . just go look at the website.

Is it just me, or does Kate appear to be my height?  Yikes!
I just had to snap some pictures of Will and Elizabeth leaving for school in the morning.  It's been so fun to watch them meet the neighbor kids every morning and take off on their wheels for school. Classic, childhood cuteness. 
The same day I took those pictures we had some wild weather later that morning.  Tons of hail, wind, lightening and thunder.  I loved it.  
After that crazy little outburst, there was a brief period of snow on the mountains:
I was glad I got to go to "Grandparent's Day"at the elementary school since the nearest grandparents are in L.A. I really enjoyed it, and Elizabeth actually thought I was funny when I did my best impersonation of a senior citizen.  I hope none of the other legit senior citizens there noticed and took offense.  None intended, I was just trying to make having mom come to Grandparent's Day more fun.  

Here's a pic of Elizabeth making a totally goofy face while standing next to a body tracing of herself. I cannot explain why her tracing came out looking like the elephant man.  

For some reason, Will didn't get the memo that I was coming to Grandparents Day, so he was especially happy to see me. All I see in this picture (besides the crows feet) is my nine-year-old son not being embarrassed to still sit on my lap.  I'm hanging on to every last one of these moments!
This is just a little tip of the day.  Really yummy, healthier-than-other-alternatives after-school snack: skewers, fruit, yogurt, coconut.  (You can tell I really care about presentation.  That's a joke.)
The beautiful local LDS temple for our church members. I couldn't resist a picture with a full moon in the backdrop.I don't know why stuff like this cracks me up.  I mean, who carries something like this around in the trunk of their car?  My husband, that's who. One day I went to the school for a little volunteer work and noticed Elizabeth coming down the hall with her class headed to lunch. I just had to go to lunch with her, just for kicks. She is the first of my children to want to eat hot lunch on a regular basis, so I've been letting her get it all year so far. After I saw what they were serving that day, she's been taking cold lunch ever since. Discolored ham, soggy hashbrowns, white bread "french toast" with a little cup of high fructose corn syrup, and chocolate milk. I asked her if there weren't any fruits and veggies and she said there were, so I told her to at least go get the fruit. She came back with a cup of half thawed frozen strawberries that looked like the were frozen a few days past their prime. I mean, maybe it was a bad day, but . . . GROSS! She looks pretty excited about that plate of trash though, doesn't she?
To be continued . . .


  1. I love that you tried to impersonate a senior citizen. You are too fun.

    That school lunch really is bad.

  2. I found your blog via Power of Moms and love it! I have to admit that I used to let my daughter eat school lunch 2-3 days per week until her pediatrican (at her yearly check-up) asked me how often she eats fast food. I commented maybe (MAYBE!) once/month. She then asked if she ever eats school lunch. I responded that yes, a few days per week she does. She then informed me that school lunch basically counts as fast food since it is high in fat and calories, and has all the same junk in it as fast food restaurants. Sure enough, when I went to investigate the school lunch for myself, like you, I was appalled. We have packed a healthy home lunch since then.

    I am really, really, hoping to go to a Power of Moms retreat ASAP! I wanted to go to California and St. George but I have a nursing baby. I would love if they had one in SLC (wouldn't Grand America be lovely?!)


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