Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Sweetest Thing You've Ever Seen In Your Life

I just LOVE that this is one of her world views.

This is pretty cute too:
Elizabeth has plenty of friends. She is extremely social, so don't feel a bit bad for her after reading this.  It's cute because it was written (and posted on a street sign near our house!) by Elizabeth's 3rd grade friend across the street who is more than happy to play with Elizabeth almost every day, but the two of them decided for some reason that it was sad because there are no other 1st grade girls on the street for her to play with.  (Hence, "young" Elizabeth Reynolds.)

Today was such a long day. Physically. Some days I feel like all I do is move things from one place to another, over and over and over again. Groceries to cart, groceries to conveyor belt, groceries to car, groceries to house, groceries to cupboards and fridge, groceries to pots and pans, groceries to dishes, dishes to sink, dishes to dishwasher. (And that's just scratching the surface . . .) 

Meanwhile, my brain is in overdrive, craving time to think, read, write, create. Times and seasons. There will be time enough, I know, but I've got to at least keep this little blog going to keep that brain of mine happy.  

In the meantime, it's little pictures like these and equally sweet moments - just flashes I can hardly even try to remember - that keep me going.  Okay, I'll try: When Rachael wasn't able to go #1 in the grocery store restroom, she told me her pee pee was playing "hide and seek".  Elizabeth getting called into the principal's office today for "always being nice to people and helping them when they are struggling".  Will still wanting me to snuggle him at night.  Kate playing the song she made up on her harp.

Yep, those little moments keep me going, every day.  

That and the fall colors:


  1. Cutest sign up sheet ever.
    And groceries...my list favorite thing to keep MOVING along.

  2. I'll sign that little piece of paper! How precious is that?


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