Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rachael's 3rd Birthday

(Warning: graphic picture to follow.)

Here I am, three years ago, in the same sad Target sweatshirt I put on this morning over my exercise clothes before taking the kids to school. Some things never change.  Well, there's something a little different about me in this picture:
Bless her little soul, I had an OB who was more than happy to induce me.  Especially after I told her my tall tales of the previous three - the highlight being a toss up between over 30 hours of labor without anesthesia with my first when I was a week overdue, and the castor oil cocktail I concocted and drank in order to induce #3 so as to not repeat the aforementioned experience.  It worked.  (If you must know: orange juice, 7UP, and castor oil.)  Other than passing out right after Rachael was born from my husband - the doctor, mind you - raising me too high too fast in my bed at the same time the nurse injected Benadryl directly into my IV to stop the itching from the epidural, it was a very smooth labor and delivery.  I'm still sad about that - it was right before the three older children came into the room to meet Rachael for the first time.  It's the moment I look forward to most when I think about labor and delivery, and I was just laying there - stupified as it were - hearing everything, but unable to move or open my eyes.  Not an experience I ever want to repeat . . . 

This picture was taken the next day, after all that anesthesia and Benadryl wore off, after I got a shower and put all my jewelry back on. (Don't forget your jewelry when you go to the hospital.) It's a favorite of mine:
Fast forward three years:
You know what this means.  We definitely, positively, absolutely do NOT have a baby in the house anymore. Especially since she finally consented to sit on the potty tonight.  Thank goodness. (If you must know: no pee pee or poo poo, only gas.)

On Rachael's actual birthday, Brandon had a lucky two hours in the middle of the day with nothing, so we took her to lunch and to get a haircut, and I bought some presents for her at a toy store while the two of them just played.  It was so fun to have a little time with just the three of us.  Brandon and I kept remarking on how it felt so reminiscent of our days when we just had Kate.  I love having alone time with our kids like that.

The hair cut couldn't be cuter, and the "salon" was pretty cute too. Here she's watching a movie that she got to pick out herself: 

This was shortly before the little party we had for her.  She wanted one of her balloons: 
Party pictures to follow.  All very self-explanatory.  (Because I'm tired, tired, tired.)
Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet Rachael!

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  1. She couldn't be cuter.
    And castor oil cocktails are the best..mine are usually made with a rootbeer float, although the last time I just used a shot glass. I am gagging while I write this.


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