Monday, October 4, 2010

School Pride

You know I was a missionary in Japan for a year and a half.  But I'm not trying to proselyte here on my blog.  I just can't help but share some of the recent good press about us Mormons - especially when there's been so much negative and just plain weird press; it's nice to see this kind of stuff.  Research other people did, people who don't even want to like us for whatever reason.  (Well, I know their reasons, I just think they're lame because not only do I respect all other religions, I get a kick out of learning about their funky practices and beliefs. With the exception of the ones that encourage people to blow themselves up and stuff like that.  No, I'm not picking on mainstream Muslims, just the crazy ones, kind of how I think it's okay to pick on crazy polygamists who aren't actually associated with our church even though people think they are.  In short, I'm anti-crazy weirdos that hurt people, but I'm all for 99% of the world religions out there - is that clear?) The more different from my beliefs, the more interesting to me.  And if those beliefs and practices encourage those believers to be better people, to improve their communities, to raise good kids, to seek higher education, to work hard and honestly, to take care of their bodies and the world - well then, you just keep on keeping on, you funky religion. It's actually one of our "Articles of Faith".  Number 11 to be exact.  

So it is with a little bit of "school pride" that I share some stats with you. You may think we have unusual beliefs or practices that rub you the wrong way, you may think we are brainwashed and delusional, you may think we are bigoted and closed minded, but we're doing our best, the best we know how, and apparently there is some good coming out of that.

Read here, and here, and here.

Just sayin'.

P.S.  I don't really condone beating children.  I've never so much as even spanked one of my own children - though I may have playfully swatted some of the bigger ones for giving me a hard time.

P.P.S.  Brandon had a little window of time today which he used to help me out so I could go shopping for Rachael. We had a wonderful little party for her tonight. I'll post pics later.

Daily glimpses: 
Brandon: peppermint tea and M.A.S.H. before bed.
Kate: endlessly researching Newfoundlands.
Will: making videos of himself on the computer in his Halloween costume.
Elizabeth: trying to get Rachael to eat her beef stew by doing the ancient Chinese "choo choo" trick
Rachael: asking Kate, "You love my haircut?"  (she had it cut today -so cute!)

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  1. Unsurprised on Catholics' low level of religous knowledge. As my uber-Catholic, mother of five Aunt Liz says, "We're Catholic; we don't read the Bible and we don't sing."


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