Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tip (or two) of the Day

Pandora Radio on my laptop in the kitchen.

Bona Floor Mop in my cleaning closet. We have laminate floors (cheaper and more resistant) so I use the laminate floor cleaner with this little number. No streaking like that HORRID Swiffer wet mop!

Southern Green Beans for dinner. My mom used to make this for dinner in the summer. I know "southern" doesn't mean southern California, but when I saw the new potatoes sitting next to the green beans at the farmer's market last Saturday, I knew this dinner was on the horizon sometime this week. I like the idea of Brandon walking in the door to the smell of bacon because he'll be so HAPPY!

Wouldn't the feminists go bananas over a post like this from a Mommy Blogger? Hee hee hee

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