Sunday, March 7, 2010

Channel Islands Part 3

After our .5 mile hike to Cavern Point, we had a little conversation about whether or not we wanted to try and make it all the way to Potato Harbor (another 2 miles) and then back again in time to catch the boat. (The crew was very insistent they would leave at the designated time and if you weren't there you could catch the boat the next day.) I tried to get Elizabeth excited about the idea of Potato Harbor, suggesting there might be baked potatoes there with lots of butter and salt - one of her all time favorite foods. Of course she knew I was kidding, but she was NOT amused. Kate was on board, Will was indifferent, the baby would fall asleep in the backpack. Elizabeth was our only obstacle. We just had to do it. This could be our only trip to the Channel Islands! I knew she was capable, she was just in a wimpy mood and not super keen on hiking. I know she's just five, but I've seen her do some pretty hard and gutsy stuff in the name of "being big", so I really started working that angle. "Just think Elizabeth, you'll be able to go to kindergarten tomorrow and tell all your friends you hiked FIVE MILES at a National Park yesterday! How cool is that? Do you think any of the kids in your class have ever hiked five miles?" Nothing moved her little soul. She decided right from the start that just walking along in the heat of the day was NOT fun. We went anyway. I'm no quitter and I wasn't about to let her quit either. I was certain she could do it. What I didn't know was if the hike didn't kill her, her whining might possibly kill me!

Here we are right after leaving Cavern Point:

I have a feeling the only reason Will wasn't whining was because someone younger had already taken on that role. Let me tell you, he wasn't trying to win any races on this hike!

That's Anacapa Island in the distance. The Channel Islands are a chain of four islands. See the little cabins? It would be fun to stay the night when Rachael is a little older. (We're not really interested in carrying her poopy diapers out in a backpack. Okay, Brandon might do it.)
We were so glad we got to see an Island Fox! They only exist on the Channel Islands.
More gorgeous-ness along the way.

Approaching Potato Harbor. It was at this last little part of the trail that the whining grew to such intensity I felt I might strike out and say or do something that would REALLY ruin the trip, but I just had to do SOMETHING to avoid screaming at the top of my lungs. I threw off my backpack, put Elizabeth on my back and ran the rest of the way with her laughing in my ears.

See the melted butter and salt?
Look at that little couple, having a romantic picnic. Aw. Isn't that so great for them? I'm not jealous. (They probably got there a half hour before us.)

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